Back to the Future!

Back to the Future

I have been slowly accumulating electronics for the past 7 or 8 years. Anything from flat panels replaced by newer models, AV receivers that aren’t up to current standards, remote controls that have been abandoned, CD and DVD players,speakers, you name it. Most of these pieces are pretty much worthless. Too old to have any monetary value, damaged, obsoleted by new technology, any number of reasons that they are headed to the scrap heap. But once in a while, a gem or two will turn up. 

Our main TVs are past their prime plasmas from Fujitsu and JVC. The Fujitsu was top of the line when new and still has one of the best pictures ever. The JVC is a workhorse that doesn’t seem to want to quit and has a very good picture. I just had a turntable placed in my hot little hands and that really got me thinking. I know there is a renaissance happening with vinyl. What if I were to gather up several of the pieces I already have, add this disk spinner to the pile and start listening to actual albums again? Lets see, I would need some kind of preamp and amplifier. Check. I have a still beautiful Marantz Integrated Amp that was replaced by a fancy new AVR. I would need some nice speakers. Check. I have a pair of Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers that were replaced by another type of speakers. I would need a source. Well, of course, Check again. That turntable. Plus I have more than one CD player and I can always add one of my Sonos connects as well. Hey, what do you know, I have a two-channel audio setup again! Its been at least 25 years since thats happened. 

So now, without spending any dollars, I can relive those days of vinyl heaven. Oh wait, I guess I’ll have to buy some records, but that is a small price to pay for the pleasure of listening to some great music the way I grew up listening to it. On big, round platters spinning at 33 revolutions per minute. 

Anyone have any old records laying around?

This should be a fun project, I will have to post more after I actually listen to some analog music!