Pre-Order the new GeekOut v2 portable headphone DAC/Amp

Announcing Geek Out V2 from LH Labs

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I’m pleased to announce to you that LH Labs has released the follow-up to their award-winning portable DAC & headphone amp, Geek Out V2.

Geek Out V2 is a super-powerful (1000mW) portable DAC/amp that plugs into your computer’s usb port to bring new life to your music. It features a fully balanced circuit topology as well as the latest ESS SABRE 9018AQ2M DAC chip, which makes the Geek Out V2 the most capable and powerful portable DAC ever made.

I’ve made a deal with LH Labs to get you access to their pre-order webpage. You’ll get 25% off the MRSP of $299 when you pre-order today. You only need to pay $1 to make your reservation. You’ll pay the remainder prior to shipment, which will start in July.

Pre-order yours by going to

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PS - Headphone.Guru has already reviewed Geek Out V2! Check out what Eric Neff has to say:


“So, what is the verdict? I am ordering the Geek Out 2. Gotta have it. It is the way of things that the new sibling has eclipsed a product that I gave Product of the Year to.”


You can read the full review of Geek Out V2 here: