Not Your Average Back Yard

Back yard? Meet amazing


Whether you are enjoying the pool, hot tub, patio or the beautiful lawn, there is a certain joy that comes from being outside. Why give that up to listen to music or watch TV? Let BL Audio and Video design and install an outdoor entertainment system that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Enjoy robust, all-weather TV’s designed for the elements that can live outdoors all year round in any environment. Our landscape audio systems with all-weather speakers and subwoofers combine high fidelity with great design that allows the system to blend in with the surroundings. You can access your entire audio and video library from the yard, listen in hi-fi and watch movies and sports in glorious 4k. 

In addition to outstanding audio and video, we provide the opportunity to control and enhance your outdoor lighting, control your pool and spa or other water features, add automated shades to control the sun, and install surveillance cameras and access control so you can know when your next guest arrives at the door. Easy and intuitive control from your phone, tablet or dedicated remote control is the final piece of the puzzle. Our custom designed control systems make it as simple as pushing one button to make your backyard (or deck, patio, rooftop...) come to life. 

Your friends may never want to leave.

The perfect afternoon. Warm sunshine, a get-together with family and friends, the sun
is shining, the steaks are sizzling on the grill. It sounds simple really, but adding that one crucial element - the entertainment - makes it all so perfect.

Its time. Time to turn your outdoor space into a truly extraordinary entertainment area that will delight and amaze family and friends. Let BL Audio and Video make this dream a reality. Your friends will be saying...

This isn’t your average back yard.